Programmes of Study

The school offers five different programmes of study leading to: Ph.D. in Computer Science, five year Integrated M.Tech. in Computer Science, M.Tech. (Computer Science), M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence), M.Tech. (Information Technology) with specialization in Banking Technology & Information Security, in collaboration with IDRBT and M.C.A. In addition, the school also contributes and supports the M.Tech. (Computational Techniques) of School of Physics, 5-year Integrated M.A. and M.Sc. courses .

  • Marks to Grade conversion for 5 year Integrated M.Tech(CS).
  • Marks to Grade conversion for MCA & M.Tech (CS/AI/IT).
  • Marks to Grade conversion for Ph.D.
  • Format for MCA Project.
  • Format for M.Tech Dissertation.
  • Format for PhD Thesis, Plagiarism rule from December 01, 2016.