MCA Team of University of Hyderabad excel at Version- 2017



VERSION'17 is a National Level Technical Symposium for MCA students, organized by the Department of Computer Applications, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli held during August 19th-20th, 2017. The theme of VERSION’17 is “Visnoetic”, based on Cognitive intelligence. There were a total of 25 teams participating in this competition, including teams from various NITs, Pondicherry University and many more.


Overall MCA team of University of Hyderabad stood among top positions along with NIT, Warangal and Pondicherry University. HCU-team won first position in three events and second position in four events. HCU-team have received total cash prize of Rs. 31,500/-. The team from NIT Warangal, is the overall winner of Version’17 by winning first position in four events.

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Figure 1 MCA Team of Version 2017 with MCA Coordinator and Dean, School of Computer and Information Sciences

This year Star Event of Version 2017 is Triumpher (The Ultimate Winner). Star Event is conducted among the best performers of other events and the winner of this event is awarded as the overall performer of VERSION’17. HCU Team Member Mr. Prafull Bajpai has won the Star Event of Version 2017.  

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Figure 2 Star of Version 2017 Mr. Prafull Bajpai with Dean of School of Computer and Information Sciences

The students who went to Tiruchirappalli and participated in VERSION’17 are


1.    Prafull Bajpai                                       (16MCMC26) Team Head

2.    Shoaib ul Haque                                   (16MCMC41)

3.    Rinkal Mistry                                        (16MCMC33)

4.    Soumik Saha                                         (16MCMC50)

5.    Arghyadeep Choudhury                         (16MCMC55)



The online events and their winners are:

1.    Smash and Leap              Priyam Singh  -2nd Place

2.    Hunt Mania                     Anand Kumar  -2nd Place

3.    Techtonic                         Prafull Bajpai, Arghyadeep Choudhury  - 2nd Place


The Off-Stage events and their winners are:

1.    Crack Back                Rinkal Mistry,Prafull Bajpai  -1st Place

2.    Cognition Quest         Shoaib ul Haque, Prafull Bajpai  - 2nd Place


The On-Stage events and their winners are:

1.    Bizmart     Prafull Bajpai, Soumik Saha, Arghyadeep Choudhury  -1st Place

2.    Triumpher         Prafull Bajpai  - 1st Place



 Dean                                                                                                                                                                      (Dr.P.S.V.S. Sai Prasad)

 School of Computer and Information Sciences                                                                                                           MCA Coordinator